It’s October! But I wanna talk about September.

I didn’t compose as much as I would have liked. I believe I was approaching it as work, instead of play, so I made some fun little rules to help jump start my creativity. 10m, one bass line, one melody, one accompaniment part, and some percussion if there’s any time left. I ended up with some off the wall stuff!

I managed to practice guitar for an hour a day most days. Roland Dyens’ arrangement of La java bleue is extremely difficult.

I hiked just under 120 miles according to my AllTrails app (Bella too!). And swam around 16-18 miles at the gym. Overall, I am very satisfied with my current health.

And lastly, in efforts to improve/relearn the Spanish language, I read an entire book in Spanish, El Príncipe de la Niebla. I actually read the entire thing out loud to practice my pronunciation.

Moving forward, I’m excited to be participating in the #21daysofVGM challlenge, run by the Video Game Music Academy. Head over to my YouTube channel every evening to hear my latest and greatest.