Another month is in the books. Let me break it down for you.

The highlight of the month was my participation in the 21 Days of Video Game Music Challenge run by the Video Game Music Academy. The challenge was to compose something every day for 21 days. While the challenge offers specific guidelines/goals when composing (as a means to get me out of my comfort zone) it wasn’t a requirement. On some days, I followed the guidelines, and on other days, I wrote whatever came to mind.

Very few of the pieces I wrote I would consider complete, but almost all of them are worth taking a second look at to develop further. It was a really fun challenge, and it forced me to get creative with my approach.

You can check out all the pieces on my YouTube channel.

I recently decided to renovate my guest bathroom in my home. This is definitely not my line of work, so one can imagine the trials and errors I’ve gone through so far. I’ve torn down the walls and old tile down to the framing, and have been learning as I go, with the help of my good friend and neighbor, Jaime.

I’m still hiking and swimming regularly. While I didn’t match last month’s hiking mileage, 45+ miles is still enough for me to be happy about. It’s getting colder in the mornings too, so I may need to invest in some gloves.

And lastly, most Saturday mornings have been spent at the park watching my 7 year old niece play soccer. Believe it or not, the games can really be very exciting and I enjoy cheering her team on, win or lose. It’s all in good fun.