The year is winding down and it comes sooner than expected every time.

I spent some time this month learning some pieces by Fransisco Tárrega. I pulled out an old compilation of his that I’ve had for years and just dug in. The majority of them are shorter pieces that wouldn’t necessarily be a part of concert repertoire, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t beautifully written. There’s just something about these pieces that give them this charm, elegance and grace in their sound.

I also went over quite a few studies by Fernando Sor. It’s amazing how he managed to squeeze out so many original ideas without straying from 1st position. While I prefer the music of Tárrega, or Sagreras, the studies by Sor do present their own challenges and charm. Also of note… my sight reading has improved tremendously, to the point now where memorization has become very difficult, as I no longer need to remember the pieces since I can read the notes on the fly. It’s allowed me to learn many pieces quickly, but memorize virtually nothing. So in essence, Ive traded one problem for another.

I’ve been rehearsing a few duets with a good friend and former student, Sebastian. He’s a great guitarist, and we currently have our first gig set for Dec. 22nd at a private dinner event. We’ll be providing two hours of classical guitar music, possibly three. And the goal here will be to pass out my business card to as many people as possible in order to gain more clients for future gigs. I look forward to it.

As for my composition workload, I’ve recently come into contact with a potential client for a short five minute animation about a cute devil child kicked out of Hell for being too nice. It’s a cute story and I’ve begun tackling the music with a rough (almost storyboardesque) animation. While I’m not officially contracted, hopefully this demo, once completed, will get their attention.

Well, that’s about it for November. Looking forward to December and a fresh start in 2019.