I was really excited to be gifted the complete works of Agustín Barrios Vol. 1 and 2. and I have been learning new pieces from the books and revisiting pieces I had learned in the past. I didn’t have much of a Christmas budget this year, but my family understood, and I love them all for it. The food my mom made for Christmas dinner was unbelievably delicious. It’s the best part of family gatherings, hands down.

I’ve been practicing regularly (2-3 hours a day minimum… sometimes 6-7) and it feels fantastic. Sometimes it’ll all be in one session and I can notice the difference in my playing very much. Everything is cleaner, and I feel like my hands/fingers are able to do exactly what I want them to do… even more so than before. I’m also being mindful of any tension in my body while playing. I notice it in my back of all places. Unfortunately, I’ve had to take a few days off due to a finger injury while working on my bathroom.

Speaking of which, the bathroom is finally nearing completion. It’s taken much longer than anticipated due to errors on my part and having to borrow tools from folks only to have to have them returned while I wait to borrow them again. Regardless, all that’s left to do is the mud and paint around the tile edge. The tile is in, the grout is in, and it’s looking really nice! I didn’t think I’d enjoy the work as much as I have.

And to take my mind off of things, I’ve been playing a little bit of Smash Ultimate here and there. It’s such a good game.