Hardly practiced this month. I worked on the home instead. Here’s a list:

  • Unclogged laundry drain that runs to septic tank

  • Patched leaks on roof and all vent pipes

  • Repaired duct work in the attic

  • Added extra insulation to water pipes in attic

  • Covered all exposed cables in attic

  • Repaired doorbell wiring and replaced fuse leading up to transformer (I have a working doorbell for the first time in 10 years!)

  • Removed linoleum flooring in kitchen as well as adhesive underneath

  • Floated a thin cement layer in kitchen

  • Sanded down all kitchen cabinets in preparation for paint

  • Cleaned all kitchen cabinet hardware (whoever installed these had the hinges and handles put on before staining so I had to remove the wood stain from the metal)

  • Finished guest bathroom

  • Moved electrical outlet in bathroom to match residential code guidelines

  • Painted small spots on walls within home

  • Replaced single wall water heater vent pipe with double wall vent pipe

  • Repaired switch within ceiling fan in master bedroom that was preventing from switching fan speeds

  • Repaired water line break in yard outside of home

    There’s still plenty of work left waiting for me.