This month I spent most of my time practicing again. While there are still many home projects that I need to finish, I felt it best to tackle them one at a time and at a more leisurely pace compared to last month. While I certainly managed to get a lot done on the home last month, I felt it was too much of a sacrifice not playing and practicing my guitar.

So my goal at the moment is to have 2.5 to 3 hours worth of classical guitar music that I can play cleanly, and comfortably either through memory or with sheet music as reference. Once I’ve achieved that, I can start to play out in local restaurants as background music and gain traction as a local performer for hire as well as gain prospective private students. I’m pacing myself with the music and making sure to play cleanly and to my personal standards, so it’s taking a bit of time. I’m currently sitting at about… 30 minutes. I have a ways to go but I’m enjoying my practice sessions quite a bit and am experimenting with different approaches to practicing (none of which I’ll go into detail here, as it’s rather boring to talk about to anyone that’s not a classical guitarist).

I spent a good chunk of time on my guitar ensemble compositions as well. I’ve started rehearsing with some fellow classical guitarists (there’s five of us) and I brought in some of my music which they seem to enjoy. They had questions about the layout of the sheet music and things so I had to go back and rework it to alleviate any confusion they may have. That kind of work takes a lot longer than I realized.

I still haven’t had the opportunity to compose much this month. Between practice (four hours minimum), swimming, teaching, a few home projects, music engraving, YouTube video uploads, and of course some leisurely time to myself, I haven’t had much time for anything else. But, it’s been written onto my schedule for this month so I’ll be sharing something for all of you at the end of March.

I had fun with my 3 wheel Honda S200 ATC on numerous occasions as I use it to clear my acre and a half lot of weeds. I drag a heavy 2-3 foot metal beam with two cinder blocks drilled on top of it for extra weight. It kills everything just by the sheer weight. And it’s a hell of a lot of fun!

I’m back in the water again. Swimming that is. I took December, January, and most of February off, so I’m a bit out of shape. Glad to be back at it. I should be back at 4400 yards per workout by the end of March.

I, again, managed to spend some quality time with my nieces. This time we melted marshmallows over the fireplace on a rainy day and banged on the piano in my parents dining room. I then proceeded to play the piano with the side of my head in a bout of silly playfulness. Arielle then exclaimed," “You’re weird!” I guess it’s safe to say she’s now beginning to understand societal norms, which apparently, are rules that I do not abide by.

List of playable pieces:

Marieta - Tarrega

Adelita - Tarrega

Estudio en Em - Tarrega

La Paloma - Yradier

El Columpio - Tarrega

Romance - Anonymous

El Testamen de Amelia - Llobet

El Sueño de la Muñequita - Barrios

Prelude No. 1 - Original

Study No. 3 - Original

Married Life - Giacchino

Revior a Paris - Trenet