April & May

Well, first of all, I completely forgot to write a blog post for the previous month, April. And I’m one to forget rather easily, so I’m gonna stick to the events that unfolded in May.

I had a chance to play a number of gigs this month. Twice I provided background music for a paint class held at Butler’s Coffee. They all were very grateful for the music, as was Nataly, the paint instructor (actually, this might have been in April). If any of you are interested, I believe the class is officially called Nataly Paints. She has a Facebook page for it so look it up. I also was able to play a three hour set at Zelda’s 750 West, which is a nice little bar and lounge directly beside — err.. a part of, rather — the Lancaster Performing Arts Center. All three gigs went well, as I met a number of really cool folks, and passed out my business cards to as many people as I could. I have a few more gigs slated for next month, so it seems like it’s picking up steam. Although a few venues have turned me down since they tend to look for something a bit more upbeat. I’m strongly considering hitting up the Santa Clarita area as well.

A friend of mine invited me to join him and his mother to see a Mariachi show at the Lancaster Performing Arts Center in celebration of Cinco de Mayo. It was a great show, but a tad too loud. I didn’t think to bring my earplugs, because I wasn’t going to go see a rock band… but they were LOUD. The sound guy turned them up much louder than was necessary. They performed a couple of favorites of mine and overall, I had a great time, minus the ear fatigue. They did a really good job with keeping the audience involved. They cracked some jokes, featured some soloists, and played amazingly well. Mariachi Sol de Mexico.

While I continue to neglect my YouTube page, I’m still managing to get a healthy amount of practice time in (2-3 hours daily). My classical guitar repertoire continues to grow as a result - 3 hours and counting. I won’t bother listing everything here, but it’s all the pieces I listed in the previous post, and then some.

My Ableton Push has been gathering dust, meaning I still have no new compositions to share… BUT! I was contacted by one of the guitar teachers I met at the LMU Guitar Festival in March and was delighted to hear that his high school students had performed one of my ensemble pieces that I had given to him for his students. Apparently they all had a lot of fun learning the piece. I actually didn’t expect them to learn the piece until next year, so it was a very nice surprise.