So the summer is here and the heat has been slow to arrive, which has been nice. I had two gigs this month, one over at Pour de Vino, a little wine lounge in Lancaster, and one for a co-worker’s retirement party.

The gig at Pour de Vino went well. There was a small family get together the night I was playing. I believe it was somebody’s birthday. There were also a few couples out on dates that I noticed over the course of three hours. It’s great spot for that. I had two folks come up to me and thank me for my playing, which is always nice, but not a single tip all three hours. I was a bit bummed about that, so for next time, I’ve decided to bring a vocal mic with me so I can banter with the crowd, and not be completely invisible. That should make a difference.

My co-worker’s retirement party was a blast. I only played for an hour so it was a walk in the park. It was great to see a lot of old familiar faces. The pool table kept giving us some issues and eventually, management simply unlocked all the locked drawers and what not, and we played for free for the rest of the afternoon. I’m horrible at pool, but it was still a lot of fun. The zydeco band that was playing was also a great choice. They had us tapping our feet, and before we knew it, everyone was up there dancing.

The last few days of the month were very busy days, as I was getting the guest home ready for tenants. This has been a two year project in the making, and finally, I’m at the end. I’m just waiting on paperwork from the county to be finalized and it’s all behind me. So there was lots of running around, purchasing curtains, curtain rods, robe hooks, shower curtains, things like that. My mom helped me out a ton, which I’m extremely grateful for. I also had to deal with a few electrical issues that came up with a ceiling fan, and my dad helped me there. A big thank you to him as well.

Overall, it was a good month. A few dates here and there, a trip or three to the local breweries, and consistent workouts at the gym (the pool, specifically). I’m considering planting some fruit trees, and maybe starting a little garden… hell, maybe even raising some chickens. We’ll see how July pans out.