July was hot. Really hot. Luckily for me, I was able to stay indoors rather often… with the exception of the work involved in building a chicken run. No, it’s not done yet, but it will be. My goal was to have it finished by the end of the month, but I had a bit of a bump in the road. So it’ll be done sometime in August. Then from there I’ll be building a mobile chicken coop. I’ll be able to house around 15-20 chickens. I’m wondering if this is the beginning of something bigger. I wonder because while I was looking for chicken run ideas on YouTube, I stumbled onto some videos about regenerative farming and holistic management. I was immediately drawn into those topics and started to become a bit curious about what part I could play in this. I have this notion that raising animals might be quite therapeutic. In the meantime, I’m looking forward to raising some chickens. Maybe I’ll post some photos this time next month.

I had one gig this month at a place called Barret Cellars. It’s a wine lounge tucked away in a small street in Lancaster, and it has a nice vibe. Their mimosas were delicious, and the staff was very friendly. A part of the building is still under construction too so they will soon have a full operating kitchen, which I can’t wait for. Their pizza was quite tasty, and I’m not a big fan of pizza. Weird, I know.

While I haven’t gone out on a hike for sometime now, I am managing to stay on top of my swim workouts. Here it is: (3x week)

  • 200 yards Free (warm up)

  • 200 yards Back (warm up)

  • 500 yards Free

  • 500 yards Back

  • 100 yards back butterfly kick

  • 15x50’s Free on :45

After I finish this set, I simply do it all again, minus the warm ups, and then follow it up with 100 free and 100 back to cool down. So that’s… 4,300 yards if I’m doing my match correctly. It’s definitely not a balanced workout, but I’m not trying to win any races here, or sculpt my body… just staying healthy, while getting really hungry!

Now onto music. Surprise, surprise, I have yet to compose anything new. Not sure what to make of my lack of desire in composition. I don’t feel guilty about it. I did a hell of a lot of practicing though, in preparation for the gig at Barret Cellars. I had to balance my time practicing with my time outside working on the chicken run. The constant gripping on the guitar plus the constant gripping of the wood and tools really fatigued my hands. I’d wake up some mornings and they would be slow to move. Regardless, I’ve managed to learn (relearn, rather) a few more pieces and I’m happy to report that I can now play into a 4th hour without repeating a single piece. And I’m currently working on four more.

That about wraps up the month. Just a few more things:

  • Paid a visit to a local farmers market and had some overly expensive home-made pie that I wouldn’t consider worth the cost.

  • Reactivated my WoW account only to realize days later how much of a time sink that game is.

  • Started making healthy and calorie filled shakes in the mornings for breakfast. It’s faster, and I don’t have to wash as many dishes when I’m done.